PostHeaderIcon Erectile Dysfunction - The Psychological Role

In the latest among the frequent number of bizarre, and often fabricated, erectile dysfunction (ED) stories appearing in the media, recent research has highlighted a link between men who suffer with this condition and, a previously strained relationship with said sufferers and their mothers. As strange as this might sound, the research is published in the reputable Journal of Sexual Medicine and was carried out by a team of researchers at the Charles University in Prague, in the form of a survey. The results provide for some interesting reading at least. You can read more about the study here.

960 men were surveyed for the purposes of this research and were aged between 15 and 88 years. They were asked questions relating to their sex lives, the first time they fell in love, and the emotional relationships they shared with their mothers throughout their lives.

The research gleaned that the older a man is when first falling in love, seems to have an impact on intimacy issues later on in life. The survey also highlighted a relationship between men who suffer ED and the a strained or emotionally conflicted relationship with their mothers. It is thought that this is because emotional problems in youth are generally thought to turn into physical issues later on in life, especially if they have not been dealt with.

The researchers also gleaned from their survey that men who did not use the word ‘love’ in their relationships until late in life, were more inclined to have problems with ED. This is probably for similar reasons; emotional issues, difficulties with intimacy, etc, equals a potential difficulty with ED. Women suffer with Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) for similar reasons but both ED and FSD seem to be caused by both psychological and physical issues. It really depends on the individual.

The relationships highlighted within this survey do not have a direct or definitive impact on suffering with ED, but with the little evidence to suggest it might, it is worth considering that early relationships are part of the cause and that stress is a factor, but we know that already.

Though, for many men, ED is experienced because of poor health and potentially dangerous and underlying cardiovascular issues. This is why men need to see their doctors about ED rather than popping a pill to solve the problem. Prescription treatments like Viagra can be dangerous for those who have existing heart conditions or, for those taking other medications that would otherwise contraindicate them for the taking of viagra. If you are going to go for the pill-popping solution then we recommend that you see a real doctor in perswon or at least through a licensed website if you are going to do it online.

The most important step to take with ED is to see a health professional to get it sorted. The sooner treatment starts, the easier the condition is to treat.

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