PostHeaderIcon A New Way to Lose Weight

People with Type 2 Diabetes have a lot to do in order to make sure that they get through a day just fine. Add to it the misery of being obese and life could get more frustrating than one could possibly take.

Being overweight contributes further to the worsening of diabetes and makes it impossible for the affected individuals to lead a normal life and indulge in their favorite activities. The fact that losing weight is almost next to impossible only aggravates the situation.

What can be done to lose those extra pounds?

According to a recent study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, Liraglutide is a safe and effective drug, which can help patients lose weight despite having Type 2 Diabetes.

The study enrolled 846 participants from nine different countries and spanned between the years 2011-2013. The FDA-approved drug Liraglutide showed positive results in people from all races by making their bodies capable of metabolizing and eliminating fat cells. Available under two trade names, the drug is being prescribed to patients to reduce weight by medical practitioners across the world.

What is the recommended dosage?

The drug is administered in the same manner as the injection of insulin – subcutaneously or under the skin. It has been found that the higher the dose of the medicine, the quicker the weight loss is. Your doctor will be able to determine the ideal dosage for you after analyzing your BMI. The most frequently advised dose, however, for individuals having a higher BMI than 27 is 3.0 mg a day.

It is important to note, however, that the recommended Liraglutide dosage is an adjunct to a carefully monitored diet. This means that when you have been prescribed therapy with this drug, you will have to reduce your caloric intake. Another lifestyle modification, which is essential, is increasing your physical activity.  

This dosage is not only well tolerated amongst all sections of the population but is changing the lives of millions of affected patients for the better.

Are there any side effects?

Higher than 3.0 mg doses are generally not recommended by medical practitioners. This is so because some research suggests the development of thyroid tumors in lab animals related to high serum concentration of this drug. Although this matter is currently being studied in great detail, the warning label on the drug clearly indicates that people who have had any history of medullary thyroid cancer should avoid using this drug at all costs.

A full list of side effects is available at the Mayo Clinic website.

Nevertheless, doctors around the globe are ecstatic about the fact that the drug has finally gotten the recognition it deserved from the FDA. Thorough research is currently underway at some of the world’s best medical facilities to evaluate the safety and efficacy of this drug and to validate its long-term use in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

With its positive effects on the human body, Liraglutide has a promising future in the industry for shaping the lives of millions of patients.

The medication was recently approved in Europe for the use in obese and overweight patients who do not have diabetes. See this blog post for further details.